Smart VoIP Solution

VoIP=Voice of internet phone

One-stop service
   One-stop service including plan, register, design, build and maintenance.
● Comprehensive functions
   Provide various combined functions with the demand of customers.
● Low cost
   Cost for building servers is just 20 percent of cost from AVAYA, Cisco,
   OKI and other large-scale manufacturer.
   Select IP telephone made in China would also save 50% cost comparing foreign brands.
● High quality services pledged

Functions list:
● IP-PBX function: telephone communication function
● Management function: visual user, telephone maintenance
● CTI function: call center function

Basic functions and optional functions are provided as to customer request.

Successful Cases:
Importing CSVS for a real estate leasing company
   -Major business: managing student or employee dormitories whose quantity is 25000.
   -Before: Very expensive communication cost between company and dormitory or inbetween dormitories,
               high maintenance cost for PBX and telephones.
   -After: Free inbetween calls, up to 3/4 system maintenance cost cut.