ERP Solution

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With multiple product alternatives ( IFS, SAP, OpenERP ), 
CHENGSI provides ERP solutions for clients from various industries and fields
in helping improving business agility, management efficiency to meet globalization strategy.

● Lightweight implementation
● Low-cost maintenance
● Strong extensibility

Optimal solution and component-based ERP packages are well integrated via IFS framework.
With service-oriented management of asset, manufacture, project and supply chain,
modules of enterprise resource planning, enterprise project management, enterprise asset management, supply chain management, enterprise service management, customer relationships,
corporate governance, risk management, compliance inspect and business intelligence,
it is an optimal ERP solution meeting all of the requirements.

Case of solution

The ERP suite in IFS application system makes a definite difference between the system flow and business flow. It pays attention to analysis the suitability of business in advance. We take this as a viewpoint, combined with advantage technical ability, standard business flow, rich service experience and high effective implementation capacity, to assist customers in achievement system implementation successfully.