Middleware Products

IFS Middleware Product

IFS application system is a product of Sweden company IFS,
which is one of the TOP 5 ERP products worldwide.

As a partner of IFS, CHENGSI has carried out customized implementations based on
IFS framework for quite a number of clients, including Japanese comprehensive automobile parts manufacturer etc., and provides an overall professional ERP services of implementation consultation, system design, system customization development and maintenance support.

Successful Cases:
● Provide customized ERP solution and relevant services for
   Japanese company C Group’s branch companies in China and Thailand.
● Provide customized ERP solution and maintenance of manufacture product for
   Japanese company C Group’s 15 companies in China.
● Provide ERP implementation services for Japanese company C Group’s 6 companies in China.

intra-mart Middleware Product

CHENGSI is the only business partner of intra-mart in North-East-China.
By intra-mart, we have developed and imported many exclusive systems for different clients,
and we also got plenty of experiences in system design and system manipulation at the same time.

Business includes:
finance management, purchasing management, sale management, contract management,
electrical bulletin management, complaint of mobile segment management and so on.

Successful Cases:
Customer: Company K in Japan
   -Scale: 2000person
   -Branch: 3
   -Customer Request: workflow solution
   -Before: Each branch uses independent business model and workflow.
               Hard to cooperate in-between.
   -After: Suitable modules to form group-centered cooperate work mode. 
             Strengthen the quick corresponsive ability for market change of group.
             High customer satisfaction achieved.

SAP Middleware Product

By SAP, We can help you:
● Simplify workflow 
● Real-time response
● Get the information in time
● Make the most of innovation outcome