Dalian CHENGSI Technology CO.,Ltd. is a professional IT solution provider. Founded in 2009. (Stknme:CHENGSI Technology, Stock Code:830864 )
We assist customers by providing innovative solutions and high-quality services.



System&APP Development

Rich experience and professional knowledge.
Focusing on customer demand, providing perfect solution and services.


System Maintenance

Except for daily maintenance.
Our services could help in data analysis and date mining.
Maximize your investment return and optimize operation efficiency.                   


Infra Building

Implement all requests of the network environment.
Supply comprehensive services of IT infrastructure building and maintenance works.




CRALiS Management System

Call center management system (CRALiS) based on CTI and SIP technology is a comprehensive Web Information platform which manages seat allocation of call center by calls and group settings.
It is the best solution for small and medium-sized call-center on cost-performance aspect.


IFS Middleware Product

As partners of IFS China and IFS Thailand, CHENGSI has carried out customized implementations based on IFS framework for quite a number of clients. Optimal solution and component-based ERP packages are well integrated via IFS framework, which can be an optimal ERP solution to meet all of the requirements.


Intra-mart Middleware Product

CHENGSI is the only business partner of Intra-mart China, having abundant experiences of System design and Intra-mart manipulating.
Full-customization could be conducted in order to fit different clients.