System&APP Development

With a highly experienced project management team and software development team equipped with strong technical backgrounds,
our customer support is a package over training, routine maintenance, functional expanding and other related post-delivery-services.

● Providing exclusive customization of business’s requirement
● Plenty of requirements analysis phase and design ability
● Normalized system design
● Standardized module design
● Strictly following the software life cycle and integrated business philosophy

CHENGSI also provide Mobile APP solution with exclusive methods and relative net-work. Our business includes:
● APP developing
● H5 developing
● Relative developing of We-chat
Service region includes: producing, electrical business, education, mobile communication, real estate, banking, etc.

Primary Technology

 ● Application Language
   Java / .NET (C#, VB, C++) / HTML / XML / Delphi / PHP / PL SQL /
   Unix Shell / Cobol / Centura / IOS App development / Android App development etc.
 ● DB  Oracle / DB2 / SQL Server / PostgreSQL / MySQL etc.
 ● OS  Windows / Unix(AIX) / Linux(Red hat)

Quality Management

 ● ISO9001 / CMMI4 Standard
The quality assurance control is implemented over each single phase of project development based on process standard.
According to problems discovered, QA team would follow the problem solving process till the very end in order to make sure of the quality.